Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Highlights from my day job!

These are original Hand Painted Panels I designed at Fairweather Prints studio in Sitka, Alaska! This is the fun part of my job!
Each piece is a silkscreen design that I created by hand & on the computer. The black designs are silk screened on fabric and then I paint the colorful line work, like in Halibut & the last 2 images. The Raven and the Bear are Christie Jones designs that I spruced up with my hand painting!
 I also created this Bear wall hanging digitally, to show a sample of a fun project you can make with our Hand Painted panels!
You can find them for sale at Fairweather Gallery in Juneau, Alaska and on the web at http://fairweatherprints.com/?page=store  Enjoy!
Buy this unique hand made gift  today for that artist or crafter in your life!