Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Process of Illustration- for the Cherry Tree Story

I finished this project long ago and never posted it! So continued from the previous thumbnail post.... I drew up this image and revised it a few times after requests from the author, here is #1,

below is #2,
  then I did a value study to figure out the lighting and 2 color studies in Adobe Photoshop.

      The client wanted the colors in the #1 study to be more vibrant and she asked me to work on the rabbits expression so I created color study #2 below!

Once the client was happy with the rabbit, colors and vibrancy of the scene I was ready to start the final on watercolor paper. I blew up my drawing to size, traced it on the 300lb paper with pencil on my light table.

After lots of hours of painting  in watercolors I finished! Here it is! Best of all my author client loved it :)

 here it is tiny