Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Community Composed: Sitka in Writing

Juried show I participated in, put together by Jackie at Sitka historical Society Museum :)

A selection of Journals, writings, poems and illustrations. By new and well known local artists. Popular writer John Straley below with a passage from "The Woman who married a Bear".

Colin Herforth, artist of all trades, ( Pa Fairweather Prints )
On left -pages from his kids book " Bight before Christmas "

Illustrators below, Colin Herforth, me and Dale DeArmond!

Beloved and famous illustrator Dale DeArmond below, I love her work ,it's very inspiring to me!

Me with my children's book illustrations on the right

Pages from Ollie the Otter, written by Maggie Jensen. Can't wait for this book to be published!

Thanks Jackie Fernandez for putting together this show! It was a honor to be involved :)

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