Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Process of Illustration- for the Cherry Tree Story

I finished this project long ago and never posted it! So continued from the previous thumbnail post.... I drew up this image and revised it a few times after requests from the author, here is #1,

below is #2,
  then I did a value study to figure out the lighting and 2 color studies in Adobe Photoshop.

      The client wanted the colors in the #1 study to be more vibrant and she asked me to work on the rabbits expression so I created color study #2 below!

Once the client was happy with the rabbit, colors and vibrancy of the scene I was ready to start the final on watercolor paper. I blew up my drawing to size, traced it on the 300lb paper with pencil on my light table.

After lots of hours of painting  in watercolors I finished! Here it is! Best of all my author client loved it :)

 here it is tiny 


Cindy Taylor Clark said...

Love this sooo much! Seeing this coming up for you to do the whole project! Abundant Fun!

Frolicky said...

Hi Jessica! It's great to see the positive feedback for the beautiful illustration you made for me. I love this illustration and you put your heart and soul into the project. I have had a lot of negative feedback about my story. I am still pursuing things, but it's not easy. I applied for the "Work In Progress" award with SCBWI this month for "The Bing Family" but it's a slow process. All the best! Melody